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Drivetrain FAQS

Alberni Automatic Transmission would like to welcome you to our website's page dedicated to questions we get from our customers in the greater Nanaimo area about the repair and service of drivetrains.

Will a driveshaft vibrate my vehicle?

The driveshaft on front-wheel vehicles rotates at the speed of the wheels. A bent or damaged driveshaft can result in vehicle vibration. Driveshaft’s on rear-wheel vehilces the driveshaft will rotate two and a half to four times the speed of the wheels. Due to the relatively large size of the rear-wheel drive shafts and high speed, vibration is significantly increased. Alberni Automatic Transmission tells our customers that we service in the Nanaimo area that other considerations that many result in vibration can include tiny dents, worn universal-joints, and missing balance weights. When a technician at Alberni Automatic Transmission has a customer indicate that vibration is experienced when accelerating or decelerating, the driveshaft is inspected as the most probable cause.

Will Alberni Automatic Transmission repair a rear-wheel drive shaft?

Alberni Automatic Transmission will often repair drive shafts for our customers in the Nanaimo area. A drive shaft can be straightened or if bent too badly the tube can be replaced. Our technicians may also balance the drive shaft as well as replacing the U-joints.

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